Forget Curtains, Blinds are the Way to Go!

Room Decor

See, most of my windows were ‘curtained’ until recently – call it a ‘fabric fetish’ if you will, but I couldn’t bring myself to go the ‘blinds route’.

Last month I woke up and suddenly the curtains looked SOOOOOO 1970s – and that is just the wrong sort of ‘retro’ for me. So, after kicking myself soundly for losing the plot, I am now sorting the windows out one room at a time with blinds – but not just any blinds :)

One of things I like about the internet, is the ease with which I can ‘shop for style’ without having to brave the perils of the high street, and now I have found a site that does REALLY stylish blinds online – yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you have heard that sort of thing before – but I promise you, these guys are not giving me a kickback, they just do the most amazing pleated blinds (now in 2 of my rooms) and, my favourite at the moment, roman blinds (one room completed, and one order in the pipeline).

Heck they even have a blog, a sense of style and a sense of humour : Blinds 2Go Blog

I am not prone to heaping praise on vendors (unless they send me free samples – hint hint). but am happy to do so here.

If you read this Blinds 2go staff – thanks, thanks a lot.

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